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The manufacturing process of cemented carbide mainly includes the following steps

December 01,2023

Raw material preparation:

Including the selection of appropriate metal powder and binder. Generally, tungsten powder or tungsten carbide powder  is used as the hard phase, and cobalt powder or nickel powder is used as the bonding phase.


Mix metal powder and binder in a certain proportion to form a uniform mixture.


The mixture is placed into a mold and pressure is applied to shape it into the desired shape and size.


Put the shaped body into a sintering furnace and sinter it at a certain temperature to diffuse and rearrange the metal atoms in the body to form a cemented carbide with the required properties.


The sintered cemented carbide  needs to be cooled to prevent defects such as cracks during heat treatment.

Heat treatment:

In order to further improve the performance of cemented carbide, heat treatment is required, including quenching, tempering and other steps.


After heat treatment, carbide requires further processing, such as turning, milling, etc., to obtain the required dimensional and shape accuracy.

Quality inspection: Carry out quality inspection on processed cemented carbide, including appearance inspection, dimensional inspection, performance test, etc., to ensure that the product meets the requirements.