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Tungsten Carbide Rod with Coolant Hole

Tungsten Carbide Rod with Coolant Hole

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YL10.2 HRA 92.5 Ground Tungsten Carbide Rod With Small Hole 0.15 / 0.2 / 0.3mm

Tungsten Carbide Rod With coolant hole 0.15 / 0.2 / 0.3mm

Place of Origin: Zhuzhou, Hunan

Brand Name: Zhenfang

Certification: ISO9001:2015

Grade: ZF-R486

Minimum Order Quantity:10 pcs


Delivery Time:3-10days

Payment Terms:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability:15tons/month

GradeYL10.2 (K25-K35)
Bending StrengthN/mm2>3800
PorosityA B CA02B00C00
WC Grain Sizeμm0.6

We offer:

  • pressed and extruded unground, ground and polished rods with or without chamfers

  • rod products that can be ground to h6 tolerances

  • carbide rod with one or two parallel holes

  • a variety of grades that provide exceptional wear and impact resistance

  • grades for use in end mills, reamers, drills, countersinks, engraving tools, routers, and other rotary tools

  • grades for use in a broad range of applications in almost any material

  • grade for stamping /colding/ forging dies

Solid Rods and Rods with Coolant Hole

We manufactures 12” (330mm) length rods with single hole, straight two-hole in diameters from 0.3mm to 33mm. High-performance gun drill rod blanks are available.

Cut-to-Length Rod

We have one of the largest and most complete lines of ground CTL selections. Premium grades, standard and micro-finished surface finish, and h6 ISO diameter tolerances in inch and metric lengths and diameters. Special preform features are available, including male center, female center, ballnose, step reduction, and shaped points.

Production Process of Tungsten Carbide Rod:

Power mixing-Pressing-HIP sintering-Blank- Processing- Finished

Various grade for your choice

ISO RangeK25-K35K20K10K35K30K40-K50
WC+others %909494909285
Co %106610815
Grain Size μm0.
Density g/cm314.514.914.914.514.614.1
Hardness HRA92.5-92.889.592908986.5
T.R.S N/mm23800-400021502000220022002400

Part of our carbide rod Size List

YL10.2ultra-fine grain WC+ 10% Coblat, with good Wear resistance and Toughness, strength comparatively higher,suitable for PCB micro drills,for making drills,end mill,reamer,taps,burrs etc.
YG6Fine Grain WC+6% Cobalt, with Good Wear resistance, used for hard wood,processing original wood,aluminum section bar,brass rod and cast iron.
YG6Xultra-fine grain size with cobalt 6%,with good wear resistance,Suitable for processing Chilled cast iron, heat-resistant alloy steel, and fine process of common cast iron
YG10Xultra-fine grain WC+ 10% Cobalt, suitable for small diameter Micro drill ,vertical milling cutter, rotating file
YG8fine GrainWC+ 8% Cobalt Suitable for the roughening of cast iron and light alloys and also for the milling of cast iron and low-alloy steel.
YG15fine grain WC +15% Cobalt for mining tools, cold heading and punching dies

We manufactured and stocked unground and ground carbide rods for you. For more size information, please kindly email or call us.

We guarantee:

* We are real factory in Zhuzhou

* Full ability to accept OEM & ODM orders

* Manufactured with100% tungsten carbide raw material

* Comply with ISO 9001:2015 Certification

* Strict inspection for quality of raw material and finished products

* Rich experience of over 10 years

* Advanced technology , automatic pressing , HIP sintering



Application of tools:

Twist drill,End mill,Tap

Applications of material:

  • Cast iron

  • Stainless steel,Heat-resistant steel,Hardened steel(hardness<60HRC)

  • Nickel-based, Titanium alloys

We can supply all kinds of dimensions solid carbide rods with fine&sub micron grain size We manufactured and stocked many dimensions of ground and unground carbide rod for your. We have a large range of grade for your choice. We also can develop grade based on your application.


1. we using 100% WC and the raw matearils of CO.

2. High hardness HRA89-93 ,good bending strength TRS 2800-4200.N/mm2

3. Long probation,stamping.

4. Has good wear resitance.

5. Professional manufacturer for more than 10years experience.

6. With the HIP sintered technology,the structure of tungsten carbide is more uniform,more dense,the TRS can be raised more than 20%

7. We make tungsten carbide rods extruded or pressed.

8. Customization is acceped

Packing And Shipping

Based on Detail products, we use different Standard packing suitable overseas shipment.

For carbide rod packing as following

1. outsizde carton or plywood case

2. inner packing is plastic box or small carton with cotton or paper protection

3. Shipping:UPS,TNT,EMS,Fedex,DHL, shipment by sea, or as you request.

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