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Durable Tungsten Carbide Rod Blanks Metal Cutting Tools Making Usage

Place of Origin: Zhuzhou, Hunan

Brand Name: Zhenfang

Certification: ISO9001:2015

Grade: ZF-R259

Minimum Order Quantity:10 pcs


Delivery Time:3-10days

Payment Terms:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability:15tons/month


we offers a wide range of custom and standard cutting tool carbide blanks

Our tungsten carbide rod blanks are available in a wide selection of micro-grain and sub-micron grades that are engineered to stand up to thermal extremes, vibration, and impact wear. Our products are sinter-HIP processed for ISO 900:2015 certified manufacturing facilities.

We offer:

pressed and extruded unground, ground and polished rods with or without chamfers

rod products that can be ground to h6 tolerances

a variety of grades that provide exceptional wear and impact resistance

grades for use in end mills, reamers, drills, countersinks, engraving tools, routers, and other rotary tools

grades for use in a broad range of applications in almost any material

Cut-to-Length (CTL) Rod

We have one of the largest and most complete lines of ground CTL selections in the industry. Premium grades, standard and micro-finished surface finish, and h6 ISO diameter tolerances in inch and metric lengths and diameters. Special preform features are available, including male center, female center, ballnose, step reduction, and shaped points.

Solid Rods and Rods with Coolant

Kennametal manufactures 12” (330mm) length rods with single hold, straight two-hole, in diameters from 2mm to 40mm. High-performance gun drill rod blanks are available.

Common size list


For more size information, please kindly email or call us.For length, we can cut to any size

Production Info.

1. Hardness can reach to HRA 94 max, TRS ≥4000 N/mm²

2. Various dimension of the rods can be supplied, also can customized as your requirements.

3. Blank rods and polished rods available

4. The minimum diameter is φd 0.3mm and the tolerance can reach to ±0.001mm.

5. Common diameter from 1mm---35mm

6. Blank Diameter tolerance: +0.3--0.8mm; length tolerance: +0.3--1.8mm

7. Ground tolerance generally h5/h6, can based on your requirement.

Product features:

1. Using100% virgin raw material guaranteed products quality

2. Our tugnsten carbide rods use dry isostatic pressing machine and low press sintering technology, which showed uniform distribution of cobalt magnetic, high hardness and bending strength.

3. Inner structure are more compact and well distributed in metallographic test.

4. It can reach a mirror effect surface after accurate grinding.

5. Perfect quality control systerm: ISO9001:2015

6. customization is avaliable

Grade information

Carbide GradeZF06CZF08CZF12CZF10CSZF10CFZF10C
Grain Sizeμm0.
Densityg / c m³14.8514.6514.2514.414.414.4
TRSN / m m²400040003800380036003600
ZF06CThis tungsten carbide rod is with 0.4μm ultrafine particles and CO 6%. Be suitable for processing aluminum- magnesium alloy, glass fiber, carbon fiber, wood, hard plastic, etc. Recommend for making micro tools and drills.
ZF08CThis tungsten carbide rod is with 0.4μm ultrafine particles and CO 8%. Be suitable for processing resin, wood, titanium alloy, stainless steel, copper-aluminum alloy, composite material. Recommend making high speed drill, end mill, graver and micro-drill PCB with diameter less than 0.8mm.
ZF12CThis tungsten carbide rod is with 0.4μm ultrafine particles and CO 12%. Be suitable for semi-finishing and finishing process of stainless steel, mold steel and normal titanium alloy, etc. Recommend for making all types of high speed end mills, reamers and gravers.
ZF10CSThis tungsten carbide rod is with 0 . 4 μ m ultrafine particles and CO 12 %, higher hardness . Be suitable for finishing process of stainless steel , mold steel and normal titanium alloy , etc . Recommend for making all types of high speed end
ZF10CFThis tungsten carbide rod is with 0 . 6 μ m Sub - micron particles and CO 10 %, which is widely used in cutting tools . Be suitable for rough finishing , semi - finishing and finishing of mold steel , grey cast iron , austenitic stainless steel and heat - resistant alloy . Recommend for making normal drill and end mill
ZF10CThis tungsten carbide rod is with 0 . 8 μ m Sub - micron particles and CO 10 %. Be suitable for rough finishing and semi - finishing of normal steel , cast iron and stainless steel . Recommend for making normal drill and end mill

Various types

Solid rods

Single Central hole rods

Double parallel hole rods

Chmafered rods

One side chamfered rods

Special customized rods

Production Process:

Power mixing-Pressing-HIP sintering-Blank- Processing- Finished

We always persuit long term business with our clients by our good quality. please do not hesitate to contact us at any time


Advantages of our cemented carbide products:

1. Made From 100% Virgin Raw Material.

2. Producted With Advanced Equipments And Perfect Workmanship.

3. All Product Go Through In-Process And Final Inspection.

4. Stable And Best Production Ability.

5. Best Quality along With Reasonable Price.

6. Size Can be Supplied on the Requirement of Clients.

Packing And Shipping

Based on Detail products, we use different Standard packing suitable overseas shipment.

For carbide rod packing as following

1. outsizde carton or plywood case

2. inner packing is plastic box or small carton with cotton or paper protection


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