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​Unground Solid Carbide Rods / Tungsten Cobalt Alloy Bar 330mm Length With Hole

Place of Origin: Zhuzhou, Hunan

Brand Name: Zhenfang

Certification: ISO9001:2015

Grade: ZF-R330

Minimum Order Quantity:10 pcs


Delivery Time:3-10days

Payment Terms:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability:15tons/month


other Carbide rod type:

For tungsten carbide rod,we can make various type

  • solid carbide rod

  • grinding carbide rod

  • blank carbide rod

  • carbide rod with chamfer

  • carbide rod with single hole

  • custom carbide rod

  • carbide rod with tap

Standard Size List

Size range(ODXIDXL mm)Detail size and blank tolerance
OD( mm)ID (mm)L(mm)

Some grade information for reference

GradeDesity (g/cm3)Hardness (HRA)T.R.S (MPa)Grain Size(μm)Composition(%)ISO
YL10.214.4-14.6>9240000.6-0.810%Co 90%WCK25-K35
YG814.65-14.85>89.523200.8-1.28%Co 92%WCK20
YG614.85-15>9021500.8-1.26%Co 94%WCK10

Other grade and dimension are also available for choosing based your specific application. please contact us at any time

Production Process:

tungsten carbide rods process, to ensure high quality, we commit our customers that:

1. All materials are tested in terms of purity ,density, hardness and T.R.S before use.

2. Every piece of product is inspected before shipment



As tungsten carbide have good material properties, it is widely used in varous industries:Paper, packaging, printing, non-ferrous metal processing industry,Mechanical, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, electronic and natioanl defense industries.


1. We use 100%virgin material for manufacturing tungsten carbide coolant rod

2. Based on different application, we have various grade for choice: YL10.2/YG8/YG6/YG6X/K10/K20

3. Properties: Our products possess high hardness, wear/corrosion resistance, good roughness,high performance

4. Dimension:dia4*dia0.2/0.3/0.4.....*length330mm. we can provide various dimesion based on your application

5. Surface: blank or unground based on your requirement

6. We manufactured products with advanced equipment and perfect quality control system

7. 100% inspection before shipment

8. We are real factory in Zhzuhou. Our quality is guaranteed and price is competitive.

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