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High Strength Tungsten Carbide Disc Blade Carbide Fin Form Roll For Condenser

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Zhenfang

Certification: ISO9001:2015

Grade: ZF0052

Minimum Order Quantity:10 pcs

Price:USD 2.2-3.5/pcs

Delivery Time:15-25 days

Payment Terms:100% TT before shiping

Supply Ability:100000 pcs/month


With over 13 years experience in tungsten carbide manufascturing, our circular carbide blade for hobbing cutter have ecellent cutting performance. It is widely used in fin Machine. We got good feedback from our clients with fast cutting performance, good cutting precision,and long lifetime. It will bring great benefit for you.

Various dimension for reference(We can manufacture based on your drawing)

GradeISO RangeCobalt%






More dimension and grades please kindly contact us. We have various grade and size to meet you.

Detail Information

1. Material: 100%virgin WC+CO

2. Specification: OD140*ID40*1.1mm (various size)

3. Property: high abrasive resistance, good bending strength, good precision and flatness

4. Surface: high grinding, good flatness

5. Features: excellent cutting performance and long lifetime,

6. Application: Hobbing cutter of Fin Machine/heat exchanger

7. 100% inspection before shipment

8. Fast delivery time: 2 days for inventory, 15-18 dyas for mass manufacturing

9. blank or finished also can be provided

Production Process:

Powder preparing-Pressing-Sintering-Processing- Finishing

1. Our products adopt spray drying tower granulation, raw material with low oxygen content, contamination,the flowability,

apparent density particle and granulate is uniform;

2. Adopting high-precision CIP molding machine, uniform product density, precise dimension,high roundness, and flatness;

3. Adopting advanced HIP sintering, effectively eliminate the internal holes and defects, the product has good compactness,

high strength, good polishing performance;

4. Adopting a special stress-relief process to eliminate the internal stress of products to further enhance the product

strength and improve the microstructure;

5. Precision grinding machine processing, ground rod can reach h6 tolerance.

Our factory


Any need please feel free to contact with us. We will meet your any requirement with our professional technic and advance equipment.

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